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We welcome all cats but do not accept unneutered males over 9 months old. Once vaccinations are complete and effective a new kitten may be boarded. If your cat is known to be nervous, aggressive or has any specific dislikes please advise us so we can take steps to avoid stress to both pet and staff.

On arrival please keep your cat in a carrier at all times until they are safely in their pen.


Cats must be fully inoculated against cat flu (feline herpesvirus and feline calcivirus) and feline enteritis and must be kept up to date with the annual booster.

As per licensing requirements an up to date certificate must be produced for our inspection each time your cat is boarded.


The cattery is built to a very high standard to provide cleanliness, comfort and security. Each cat or family unit are housed in individual pens with a separate sleeping area. The pens have a balcony from which the cats can view the landscaped gardens. The cattery is heated in winter months. Covered plastic beds and both food and water bowls are provided.

Settling in

•  Your confidence and or lack of it will rub off on your pet. Try not to bring the whole family in tears when leaving your animal for the first time. A confidently left pet is a confident pet.

•  A short trial boarding period may help both you and your cat come to terms with the boarding concept.

•  Give your pet time to get used to their new surroundings by delivering earlier in the day rather than right on closing time.

• Toys, treats and scratching posts provide a familiar smell as well as entertainment

• An item of bedding to use in the plastic beds provided adds a bit of comfort (nothing new or of value please) and another familiar smell

• Please provide details of any known health problems, medication and special dietary needs

Diet and Medication

We stock a dry complete food and most popular brands of wet food and tend to feed wet food once a day along with a bowl of biscuits for the cats to snack on. We can also cater to a cat’s particular dietary requirement and also welcome any owner who would prefer to bring their own food or medicated diet.

If your cat is on medication please provide us with details of dosage and how it is usually administered so that we can keep to their routine. We also cater for diabetic pets that need their insulin injections at no extra charge.

If your cat is travel sick please try and remind us not to feed them on their departure day.


Charge per night





*Two cats (or more) housed together less £2.00 each
If more than 2 animals sharing calculate rates using discounts above.

•  All prices include VAT at standard rate, insurance, food and heating

•  All fees are payable in full at the start of your pets stay by cash or card.

•  Only animals from the same household may share

•  No price deduction when own food is supplied

•  Day boarders are charged the same rate as a 1 night stay

Please call us to confirm the price for your pets stay on 01484 842584

Collection / Delivery

For those clients without their own transport we are able to collect and / or deliver. This is charged at £15 per collection or delivery for up to a 10 miles radius

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